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Performance Chip & Exhaust
DP Performance
Performance Chip & Exhaust
Torqit Performance Chip

What is DPCHIP:

DPCHIP is an After-Market interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines. Individual programming and re-mapping of the engine management system enables this simple to fit device to increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%. DPCHIP alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create smooth power gains

Inside the DPCHIP:

DPCHIP is protected by a Heavy Duty Vibration and Water Resistant ABS plastic molded housing. The control board utileses compact surface mounted processor technology.

The DPCHIP uses Dual processors (model depending) that control multiple channels digitally. All connection pins are Gold plated. We are so confident in the reliability of DPCHIP that we offer a class leading 6 year product warranty.


Depending on the application, more than 90% of DPCHIPs sold are simple Plug & Play using OEM plugs to connect safely to your vehicles existing wiring. These systems generally take under 20 minutes to install.

Some older model vehicles may require a wire-in harness to be installed. These systems may take an hour to install. Each DPCHIP comes with easy to follow detailed and illustrated fitting instructions so you can fit it by yourself.

How does DPCHIP Tune?

Each DPCHIP tunes with digital accuracy adding additional information to your engines original signals. The DPCHIP works with the vehicles’ computer to further fine tune the Fuel and Timing of the engine for More Power and Torque.

This increased Power Band can lead to safer driving and potentially better economy.


 The result will vary from vehicle to vehicle but the main ‘seat of the pants’ difference will be a wider Power Band resulting in slightly lighter throttle needed. Improved pulling power is noticed instantly. Most users report improved fuel economy due to less gear changing and no longer having to ‘flog’ their vehicle when towing or working hard. Power is improved right throughout the rev range.

Go check for more Dyno Reports.


DPCHIP is designed with safety foremost in mind. Your vehicle’s’ existing engine Safety Modes are left ‘intact’ so you can rest assured your engine is completely safe.

DPCHIP is the ONLY tuning device to offer a “DPCHIP Factory Backed New Vehicle Engine and Driveline Warranty” on vehicles still covered by their own Factory Warranty. Supported by The Diesel Experts you can rest assured your engine is completely safe.


60 Day ‘No Questions Asked’ Money Back Guarantee, 6 Year Product Warranty, DPCHIP Factory Backed Engine and Driveline Warranty for the duration of the vehicles existing Factory Warranty.

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Torqit Power Module

The Torqit Power Module Plus unleashes the power, torque and fuel efficiency that is lost through factory programming of your vehicles on-board computer. The Power Module significantly improves the air to fuel ratio making the engine operate more efficiently.

It uses less fuel, yet creates more power by maximising the energy output from each drop of fuel. Torqit’s performance module suits a wide range of diesel and turbo petrol vehicles. The power module is ideal for towing heavy loads and for an all round power increase.

This unit can be used as a hardwired or a Bluetooth controlled module. The best part is you are not required to choose which one you would like, once the Power Module is installed on a vehicle it is automatically set to the highest performance mode.

Driving Style

If you would like to alter the tune of your vehicle, simply download Torqit’s Connect app and scan the barcode on the back of the module. This then allows a user to remotely tune their engine depending on their driving style or driving condition; the Bluetooth mode has three optimum settings to choose from; Economy, Cruise and Sport, each increasing with power and torque

Control through Power Module App


Every Torqit Performance Module is specifically programmed for vehicle make, model and engine type. The installation of the system is easy and fast; simply plug the module into the existing factory component.

key Features

  • 5 Year product warranty (Our warranty also covers your vehicle for the life of the New Vehicle Warranty*)
  • Fuel Saving Capabilities
  • Improves vehicle power, torque and drivability
  • Remotely tune the vehicles engine
  • Ideal when towing caravans, horse floats, boats and trailers
  • Extensively tested for Australian conditions
  • German manufactured circuitry

Pedal Torq

The original throttle controller by Torqit is the Pedal Torq. The Throttle Control is a compact unit that is fixed to a driver’s dash, allowing easy access to adjust settings. The Pedal Torq increases throttle response by adjusting the signal sent to the vehicles ECU. In simple terms, the Pedal Torq eliminates throttle lag on a vehicles accelerator giving you more power, quicker.

The Pedal Torq has three driving modes, each with customized settings. The customizable settings give a driver the ability to finely tune their vehicles accelerator to suit their personal driving preferences. The technology is suitable for both diesel and petrol vehicles.

What is throttle lag?
Most vehicles utilize a ‘drive-by-wire’ control system for the accelerator. This means that when pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal it is measured by a sensor which sends the signal to the engine, opening the throttle. The time taken to achieve this is the lag you feel when you accelerate.

Throttle Lag Fixed
The Pedal Torq sits between the sensor and the ECU, intercepting the signal to shorten and improve the response time. The Pedal Torq reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve ‘wide open throttle’ allowing the driver to access the engines full potential.

Real Life Scenario
You’re first in the que at the traffic lights and you accelerate when you see the green light but nothing happens for a second or two, this delay is what is referred to as throttle lag. A Torqit Pedal Torq Plus removes this lag, so the second you accelerate you are beginning to gain momentum.

The Pedal Torq can be fitted to both diesel and petrol vehicles with installation complete in only a few minutes. The unit utilises all factory plugs so there is no cutting or rewiring is necessary. The Pedal Torq simply connects to the existing accelerator plug.

Key Features

  • 5 Year warranty
  • Vehicle specific software
  • Dash mount control
  • 18 settings for driver specific tuning
  • Utilises all factory plugs, no cutting or rewiring required
  • 30 Day money back guarantee

Turbo Back & DPF Back Performance Exhaust

Turbo Back & DPF Back Performance Exhaust

To comply with Australian emission laws, the majority of late model 4WD’s are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Torqit does not encourage DPF Delete’s – they are illegal and testing has shown they do not produce much more power. To provide a safe and effective upgrade, Torqit have developed a Performance Exhaust that not only creates a great note but also extracts more power*. Torqit Performance Exhausts are one of the thickest mandrel bent systems available in Australia; the thickness combined with a high grade stainless steel produces a deep note and guarantees extreme strength. The exceptionally high quality of all Torqit exhaust systems is highlighted by internal and external welding on all flanges, the heavy duty bracketry and the 3 inch braided stainless steel flex bellow. The design of each individual system is focused on maximizing power and torque.

All Torqit performance exhaust systems are completely Do It Yourself bolt together, which means you won’t need a hoist to complete fitment.

Key Features

  • 10 year warranty on stainless steel systems
  • 1.7mm T304 grade stainless steel
  • Internal and external welding on all flanges for extra strength
  • Heavy duty wrap around brackets
  • 2 & 3 bolt 10mm laser cut flanges
  • 3” double braided stainless steel flew bellow
  • Twin designed pyrometer fitting to suit EGT/AFR fittings
  • High flow diesel spec metallic CAT
  • Turbo Back mandrel bent systems*
  • Stainless steel barrels in all systems
  • Titanium coated dump pipes on turbo back systems

Installation & Fitting Services

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