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Milford Cargo Barrier

Every Milford Barrier is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in Australia in accordance with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers – AS4034 along with all relevant Australian Design Regulations (ADR’s) to provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions.

If you have an accident or even just brake suddenly, unsecured items like groceries, work gear or sporting equipment can all become lethal weapons. Even items you wouldn’t ordinarily consider to be heavy or hard can become dangerously so when hurled forward at great force.

Installing appropriate occupant protection in your vehicle is a must and there’s no better way to ensure your safety than with a Milford Cargo Barrier – Warrantied for Life!

Milford is the largest provider of vehicle load restraints worldwide, so you know you can rely on us to protect you, your children and employees!

Maximum Protection

 Milford Barriers are specially designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, in accordance with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers, AS4034, to provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions. We offer a custom designed range of more than 300 Cargo Barriers to suit all types of passenger, light commercial, 4WD and sports utility vehicles.

Dual Position Fitment

Many of the quality Barriers in the Milford Passenger Car range are designed to fit in more than one position and include a Milbolt or quick release mechanism for quick and easy movement.

So when you need to fold down your rear seats for more space, your user-friendly barrier simply moves forward its new position, behind the front seats.

Easy Fit

Most of our Cargo Barriers can be moved without the use of tools making it simple to remove for quick access or re position the barrier to accommodate a larger load.
Our Cargo Barriers also feature openings so that the upper anchorage straps of kids’ seats can secure safely to the original vehicle mounts.

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Milford is the trusted name in Cargo Barriers. Our Cargo Barriers are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 and your purchase is protected by our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty to ensure your peace of mind. For more information on our Warranty Policy click here.

Sealed Cargo Barrier

A Milford Sealed  Barrier Provides the Ultimate in Protection & Driver Comfort!

For almost 50 years, Milford has been the leader in cargo barrier design and manufacturing. Milford’s Sealed Cargo Barrier range provides the maximum level of occupant protection whilst also including an optimum level of driver comfort from temperature extremes and potentially hazardous fumes.

With precision fitment of each vehicle application, Milford’s Sealed Cargo Barriers are made of high quality sheet metal, coated in a durable white powder polyester finish and featuring a fully sealed, non-meshed, acrylic window for maximum rear vision.

Tested and rated to meet the demanding requirements of AS/NZS 4034.1, Milford’s Sealed Cargo Barriers offer the highest level of occupant protection.

Milford’s Sealed Barriers are available in two distinct designs:

  • Linear design so as to maximise cargo area for greater load.
  • Angular profile so as to maximise seat recline for optimal driver comfort.
Cargo Barriers
Storage Draws
Cargo Barriers

Anti-Vapour Partitions

Anti vapour partitions restrict dangerous vapours and fumes entering the cabin area, thus protecting the driver and occupants.

Autosafe anti vapour partitions also function as a cargo barrier, fully complying with AS/NZS 4034.1:2008 Australian Standards.

Anti vapour partitions help soundproof and insulate the cabin area.

In addition, the 1 piece configuration makes the partition easy to fit, picking up on existing captive threads and mounts where possible. Reinforcing Autosafe’s reputation for ‘easy fit’ products.

Half Drawer Barrier

Designed to fit vehicles fitted with rear storage draw systems

Installation & Fitting Services

TJM Dandenong & Pakenham specialise in complete vehicle fitouts within Melbourne and South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs. If you have Fleet, Mine Spec & Commercial Vehicle Fitout. We work closely with fleet managers to customise and tailor solutions which can improve safety and efficiency of staff and appropriate vehicle users.

Fitting and installation available for all products. Click request quote, call us or visit us in store

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