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Shock Absorbers        
Part NumberQuantityProductSuit MAKE/MODEL/YEARF/RLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
650XGS120742TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberGQ,GU / Y60,Y61 -- 4-5" ShockersFrontDandenong$185.00$95.0048.6%
650XGS125264TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberDandenong$185.00$95.0048.6%
650XGS125402TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberFJ / BJ 40 & 42 Series SHORT Wheel Base 1980 - 10/1984 & HJ / FJ 45 & 47 Series LONG Wheel Base 7/1980 - 4/1986FrontDandenong$185.00$95.0048.6%
650XGS2525N1TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberGQ / Y60 SHORT Wheel Base 2/1988 - 12/1997RearDandenong$185.00$95.0048.6%
650XGS125764TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberDandenong$185.00$95.0048.6%
650XGS125421TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberDefender & Discovery Series I 3/1991 - 2/1999Dandenong$185.00$95.0048.6%
650XGS125431TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberTriton ME, MF, MG, MH, MJ, MK, MY Pickup 10/1986 - 7/2006 & Pajero NA, NB, NC, ND, NE, NF, NG SWB & LWB 10/1983 - 05/1991FrontDandenong$185.00$85.0054.1%
650GAS120881TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberToyota 4 Runner LN61,63, YN63, inc Surf 8/1985 - 1996 & HILUX 10/1997 - 3/2005FrontDandenong$185.00$85.0054.1%
651126721TJM 4x4 Steering DamperGQ / Y60 - Cab Chassis Leaf FRONT & Leaf REAR 3/1988 - 5/1999NADandenong$165.00$85.0048.5%
6510172TJM 4x4 Steering DamperPAJERO 10/1983 - 05/2000NADandenong$165.00$85.0048.5%
6510342TJM 4x4 Steering DamperGQ / Y60 SWB & LWB 2/1988 - 12/1997NADandenong$165.00$85.0048.5%
650GE138S1TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberLand Rover Defender - TJM XGS Gold Edition Front Shock 1993- 02/1999 Discovery 1, Defender 130, Defender 90Dandenong$185.00$85.0054.1%
650GE281ZD2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberTotota Landcruiser 100 Series RearRearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
659GE182AD2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberTotota Landcruiser 200 Series FrontFrontDandenong$219.00$155.0029.2%
650GE212X2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberGU / Y61 C/C COIL front LEAF rear 5/1999 onRearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
650GEXL212E2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberGQ, GU Wagon & Coil Ute Y60,Y61 - 4 inch lift onlyRearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
659GE110LD1TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberNissan Navara D40 4WD & Pathfinder 4WD R51 7/2005 onFrontDandenong$219.00$120.0045.2%
659XS187A2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberTOYOTA HILUX 4WD 04/05-08/15FrontDandenong$219.00$120.0045.2%
650XS282A2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberTOYOTA 200 Series Wagon 11/07+RearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
659XS110L2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberNISSAN D40 11/05-02/15 & R51 07/05-02/15FrontDandenong$219.00$120.0045.2%
650XS210L2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberNISSAN R51 07/05-02/15RearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
650XS210M2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberNISSAN D40 11/05-02/15RearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
650XS180B2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberToyota Landcruiser 80 & 105 SeriesFrontDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
650XS280B2TJM 4x4 Shock AbsorberToyota Landcruiser 80 & 105 SeriesRearDandenong$185.00$110.0040.5%
TDR12062TOUGHDOG Shock Absorber - RalphNissan Patrol GU & GQ Ralph- 53mm Bore RearRearDandenong$285.00$225.0021.1%
TDR10472TOUGHDOG Shock Absorber - RalphNissan Patrol GU & GQ Ralph- 53mm Bore FrontFrontDandenong$285.00$225.0021.1%
EXT56171TOUGHDOG Steering DamperNissan Patrol GU & GQNADandenong$140.00$95.0032.1%
FC42058B1TOUGHDOG Shock AbsorberMitsubishi Express Van & Pajero / Montero NA-NG 7/83-01/00FrontDandenong$176.00$65.0063.1%
FC4045001TOUGHDOG Shock AbsorberFord Everest 2015-08/2018 Ranger 2011-08/2018 & Mazda BT-50 2011+FrontDandenong$248.00$225.009.3%
FC4049001TOUGHDOG Shock AbsorberToyota Landcruiser 200 Series 2007-onFrontDandenong$248.00$225.009.3%
SV5613/41TOUGHDOG Steering DamperNissan Patrol GU & GQ to suit 4",5" & 6" inch liftsNADandenong$310.00$199.0035.8%
SS5617-P/S1TOUGHDOG Steering DamperNissan Patrol GU & GQNADandenong$176.00$125.0029.0%
SS5001-P/S1TOUGHDOG Steering Damper -RTCToyota 60, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 78, 80, 105 Series (Except V8 Models) Return to CentreNADandenong$175.00$125.0028.6%
EXT50011TOUGHDOG Steering DamperToyota 60, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 78, 80, 105 Series (Except V8 Models)NADandenong$140.00$95.0032.1%
FC414391TOUGHDOG Shock AbsorberMitsubishi Challenger 8/00-08 & Pajero NF-NL 8/88-02/00 RearRearDandenong$176.00$85.0051.7%
Coil Springs & Leaf Springs
Part NumberQuantityProductSuit MAKE/MODEL/YEARF/RLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
TDC749HL2Toughdog Coil SpringNissan Patrol GQ Coil/Coil & GQ GU C/Cab Chassis (Coil/Coil) - 2 inchRearDandenong$165.00$150.009.1%
TDC734HL2Toughdog Coil SpringNissan Patrol GU & GQ All ModelsFrontDandenong$135.00$100.0025.9%
TDC974HH2Toughdog Coil SpringToyota Hilux 2015+, Prado 150, FJ CruiserFrontDandenong$135.00$120.0011.1%
TDC9752Toughdog Coil SpringToyota Prado 120, Prado 150, FJ CruiserRearDandenong$135.00$120.0011.1%
770RR87M1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota Fortuner 2015+RearDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770FRHD52P1TJM Coil Springs PairMitsubishi Pajero NM to NXFrontDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770FR57P1TJM Coil Springs PairFrontDandenong
770FRHD10L1TJM Coil Springs PairNissan R51 Pathfinder and D40 NavaraFrontDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770RR52PT1TJM Coil Springs PairMitsubishi Pajero NM to NXRearDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770FRHD36P1TJM Coil Springs PairFrontDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770FS80B1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota Landcruiser 80 / 100 SeriesFrontDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770RR381TJM Coil Springs PairLandrover Defender 110RearDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770FRXHD82A1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota Landcruiser 200 SeriesFrontDandenong$375.00$300.0020.0%
770FRXHD88I1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota Hilux / Fortuner / Prado 150 seriesFrontDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770FR80B1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota Landcruiser 80 / 100 SeriesFrontDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
770RRC512S1TJM Coil Springs PairNissan Patrol GQ/GU models with 5" (125mm) raised heightRearDandenong$353.00$282.4020.0%
770RSHD80B1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota 80 / 100 SeriesRearDandenong$370.00$296.0020.0%
770RR80C1TJM Coil Springs PairToyota 80 / 100 SeriesRearDandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
653T332P2TJM Leaf SpringHolden Colorado RG 06/2012 to 8/2016 and Isuzu D-Max 06/2012+RearDandenong$340.00$299.0012.1%
6532310L2TJM Leaf SpringNissan Navara D40 2005+RearDandenong$345.00$290.0015.9%
653T221T1TJM Leaf SpringFord Ranger PX and Mazda BT-50 09/2011+RearDandenong$295.00$250.0015.3%
653T387Z1TJM Leaf SpringToyota Hilux 2005-2015RearDandenong$295.00$250.0015.3%
Suspension Components
P/NQuantityYear RangeVehicle, Make & ModelTJM RefLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
TDUB0404TOUGHDOG U-Bolt KitFord Ranger PJ-PX & Mazda BT-50
TDUK-0431TOUGHDOG Panhard Bush KitToyota 78, 79 (Except V8) & Toyota 80 & 100 SeriesFrontDandenong$52.00$35.0032.7%
TDUK0121TOUGHDOG Leaf Bush KitNissan Patrol GU & GQ Ute, Toyota 40, 60, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 78 SeriesDandenong
TDUK1725/202TOUGHDOG Spring Spacer Kit20mm Spacer - Toyota 80 & 100 SeriesFrontDandenong$31.00$29.006.5%
TDPR-0151TOUGHDOG Adj Panhard RodToyota, 76, 78 & 79 Series LandcruiserFrontDandenong$240.00$220.008.3%
P/NQuantityYear RangeVehicle, Make & ModelTJM RefLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
65285103R12005 - 2015HILUX / 4WD (2" RAISED)PA85103RDandenong$716.00$572.8020.0%
65285320R11984 >LANDCRUISER 75-79 SERIES (2" RAISED)PA85320RDandenong$716.00$572.8020.0%
6528512212006 - 2014TRITON 2WD & 4WDPA85122Dandenong$716.00$572.8020.0%
6588512412006 - 2015NAVARA D40 4WD (STANDARD HEIGHT)PA85124Dandenong$716.00$572.8020.0%
6528510412007 - 2011RANGER PK 2WD (WITH DIFF ON TOP OF LEAF SPRING)PA85104Dandenong$716.00$572.8020.0%
6526179211996 - 2002PRADO 95 SERIES (STD HEIGHT > 2" RAISED)PA61792Dandenong$245.00$196.0020.0%
6527559512005 - 2015HILUX / 4WD (STANDARD HEIGHT) "Light Duty"PA75595Dandenong$300.00$240.0020.0%
6528810612012 >COLORADO RG/ISUZU D-MAX (4WD coilover front) "NO DRILL"PA88106Dandenong$795.00$636.0020.0%
6528813312015 >HILUX / 4WD (+2WD HI RIDER) STANDARD HEIGHTPA88133Dandenong$795.00$750.005.7%
6528810722005 >HILUX / 2WD CURRENT (STD HEIGHT) "NO DRILL"PA88107Dandenong$795.00$636.0020.0%
65288133R12015 >HILUX / 4WD (+2WD HI RIDER) RAISED 2"PA88133RDandenong$795.00$636.0020.0%
6528812712011 >RANGER PX/BT-50 4WD & Hi-Rider "NO DRILL" - STD HEIGHT TO 30mm RAISEDPA88127Dandenong$795.00$750.005.7%
ABC1001Airbag Cradle Kit FOR BELLOWS - RAISED VEHICLESPAABC100Dandenong$200.00$200.000.0%
6529509811983+110 Series & Defender Std Height 1983 onPA95098Dandenong$345.00$276.0020.0%
65261996187-95Pathfinder 87-95Dandenong
6521569412001-2007Terracan Std Height 2001 to 2007PA15694Dandenong$295.00$236.0020.0%
Part NumberQuantityVehicle, Make & ModelNotesLocationRRPSpecialDiscount %
013891Hayman Reese TowbarMITSIBISHI EXPRESSNO FIT KITDandenong$599.00$100.0083.3%
013931Hayman Reese TowbarTOYOTA HIACE HLP WITH STEPCOMPLETEDandenong$599.00$200.0066.6%
01627R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarMITSIBISHI CHALLENGER 98 - 05NO LUGDandenong$599.00$100.0083.3%
01730R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarTOYOTA LC 75/78/79 SERIES C/CNO FIT KIT OR LUGDandenong$599.00$250.0058.3%
017421Hayman Reese TowbarTOYOTA LC 75/78 TROOPYNO LUGDandenong$599.00$190.0068.3%
01917RL1Hayman Reese TowbarFORD FALCON EA-EL AU-BF WAGONCOMPLETEDandenong$599.00$150.0075.0%
020461Hayman Reese TowbarVW TRANSPORTER WITH TLPCOMPLETEDandenong$599.00$200.0066.6%
02235R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarMITSUBISHI TRITON GLX WITHOUT STEP up to 04/2009COMPLETEDandenong$599.00$200.0066.6%
02246R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarCHRYSLER 300CNO WIRING OR LUGDandenong$599.00$150.0075.0%
022641Hayman Reese TowbarBT-50 RANGERCOMPLETEDandenong$699.00$299.0057.2%
02266RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarRANGER/BT-50 4X2COMPLETEDandenong$699.00$350.0049.9%
02368R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarSUBARU TRIBECANO LUGDandenong$699.00$199.0071.5%
024251Hayman Reese TowbarTOYOTA COROLLA SEDAN 06/07COMPLETEDandenong$699.00$100.0085.7%
02506RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarMAZDA 6NO LUGDandenong$699.00$199.0071.5%
02508RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarFORD AU-FG TUB BODY UTECOMPLETEDandenong$699.00$199.0071.5%
02537R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarBMW X3COMPLETEDandenong$699.00$399.0042.9%
02567W x 21Hayman Reese HD TowbarMITSUBISHI LANCER CJ ES SX VRX and GTCOMPLETEDandenong$699.00$150.0078.5%
02619RWL1Hayman Reese HD TowbarFORD BA - BF SEDANNO LUGDandenong$699.00$150.0078.5%
02695RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarMAZDA 6COMPLETEDandenong$699.00$250.0064.2%
02892RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarHOLDEN COMMODORE VE UTECOMPLETEDandenong$699.00$250.0064.2%
02910RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarTOYOTA PRADO 150COMPLETEDandenong$699.00$499.0028.6%
03148RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarPXII BT50COMPLETEDandenong$699.00$599.0014.3%
03198RW1Hayman Reese HD TowbarVOLKSWAGEN AMAROKCOMPLETEDandenong$699.00$450.0035.6%
04719R1Hayman Reese HD TowbarSUBARU OUTBACKNO FIT KITDandenong$499.00$150.0069.9%
11811Hayman Reese TowbarTOYOTA TARAGOCOMPLETEDandenong$499.00$100.0080.0%
211961Hayman Reese TowbarTRAIL BOSS TO SUIT NISSAN TERRANOCOMPLETEDandenong$499.00$100.0080.0%
BTASUB0141SUBARU LIBERTY WAGON 3/03-9/09NO FIT KITDandenong$499.00$100.0080.0%
R17581Hayman Reese HD TowbarNISSAN PATROL GQ/GU CAB CHASSIS COIL REAR 01/92 ONNO LUGDandenong$499.00$150.0069.9%
R18201Hayman Reese HD TowbarTOYOTA LANDCRUISER 100 SERIESNO FIT KIT OR LUGDandenong$499.00$150.0069.9%
R26321Hayman Reese HD TowbarSUBARU LIBERTY SEDANCOMPLETEDandenong$499.00$150.0069.9%
R27771Hayman Reese HD TowbarSSANGYONG KORANDOCOMPLETEDandenong$499.00$150.0069.9%
PartnumberQuantityProductVehicle, Make & ModelFinishLocationRRPSpecialDiscount %
070AP15N50L1TJM Alloy Polished BullbarMitsubishi Triton ML - MN 07/2006 - 05/2015PolishedDandenong $2,850.00 $2,450.00 14.0%
070SB13N87D1TJM Steel Outback BullbarToyota Fortuner and Hilux 09/2015-06/2018 - Needs PaintPaint requiredDandenong $2,425.00 $1,200.00 50.5%
070SB13N87D1TJM Steel Outback BullbarToyota Fortuner and Hilux 09/2015-06/2018Black PowdercoatDandenong $2,425.00 $2,350.00 3.1%
070SB03N88L1TJM Steel Explorer BullbarToyota Prado 150 Series 11/2009 - 09/2013Black PowdercoatDandenong $2,125.00 $1,790.00 15.8%
Nudge Bars
PartnumberQuantityProductVehicle, Make & ModelFinishLocationRRPSpecialDiscount %
NBT77SYB1ECB Alloy Nudge BarTOYOTA HIACE LWB 03/05 to 02/14 - Low LoopBlack RippleDandenong$740.00$490.0033.8%
NBN100SYB1ECB Alloy Nudge BarNISSAN PATHFINDER R51 ST/ STX 550 V6 TD 05/10 to 03/15 - Low LoopBlack RippleDandenong$740.00$490.0033.8%
NBV04SYP1ECB Alloy Nudge BarVOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER 04/10 on - Low LoopPolishedDandenong$855.00$550.0035.7%
NB7T140SYP1ECB Alloy Nudge BarTOYOTA FJ CRUISER - High LoopPolishedDandenong $1,185.00 $650.0045.1%
NBF49SYP1ECB Alloy Nudge BarPolishedDandenong
NBF08SYP1ECB Alloy Nudge BarFord Falcon AU XR8PolishedDandenong$820.00$490.0040.2%
AMRK-HFRAME1Nudge Bar & H-FrameVW AmarokPolishedDandenong $1,350.00 $1,250.00 7.4%
600SS4T209O1TJM Stainless Steel Nudge BarNissan D22 Navara 2001+PolishedDandenong$799.00$499.0037.5%
Driving Lights, Accessories & Upgrade Kits
PartnumberWattsProductDescriptionLumensLocationRRPSpecialDiscount %
72282180WNarva LED Light BarNarva Explora L.E.D Light Bar 22" Double Row18000Dandenong$499.00$299.0040.1%
7227260WNarva LED Light BarNarva Explora L.E.D Light Bar 14" Single Row 6000Dandenong$199.00$149.0025.1%
HTXMK2130WLightforce Driving LightsLightforce HTX2 Hybrid Driving Lights LED/HID - Single8400Dandenong$749.00$699.006.7%
DL230_X2150WLightforce Driving LightsLightforce HTX Hybrid Driving Lights LED/HID - Single8400Dandenong$749.00$699.006.7%
1840425WNarva Headlight LED Conversion KitH4 12/24V Headlight L.E.D Conversion Upgrade Kit5000Dandenong$199.00$149.0025.1%
1840725WNarva Headlight LED Conversion KitH7 12/24V Headlight L.E.D Conversion Upgrade Kit BASE PX26D5000Dandenong$199.00$149.0025.1%
1800825WNarva Headlight LED Conversion KitH7 12/24V Headlight L.E.D Conversion Upgrade Kit4000Dandenong$199.00$149.0025.1%
Dual Battery Tray
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleBattery SizeLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
BT200V8D1Piranha Dual Battery Aux Tray200 Series 2009 - 2015 1VD-FTV 4.5Lt V8 TDI10 inchDandenong$265.00$199.0024.9%
BT200DS1Piranha Dual Battery Aux TrayLandcruiser 200 Series Sept 2016 Onwards 1VD-FTV 4.5Lt V8 Diesel12 inchDandenong$229.00$129.0043.7%
BTOEF051Piranha Dual Battery Aux TrayDandenong#DIV/0!
031SA10P82A2TJM Dual Battery Aux TrayToyota Landcruiser 200 Series petrol10 inchDandenong$190.00$150.0021.1%
031SB28D88M1TJM Dual Battery Aux TrayToyota Prado 150 09/2015+ 2.8L diesel12 inchDandenong$179.00$179.000.0%
Under Body Guards
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleMaterialLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
077SBSUM21V1TJM Underbody Sump GuardFord Everest, Ford Ranger PX1 / PX2 and Mazda BT-50 10/2011+3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$279.00$250.0010.4%
077SBTRF21T1TJM Underbody Transmission GuardFord Ranger PX and Mazda BT-50 10/2011+3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$230.00$199.0013.5%
077SBTRA83V1TJM Underbody Transmission GuardVolkswagen Amarok 2.0 TD 02/2011+3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$285.00$250.0012.3%
077SBTRA13W2TJM Underbody Transmission GuardNissan GU Patrol3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$309.00$150.0051.5%
077SBFUG32P1TJM Underbody Front GuardHolden Colorado RG 06/2012-06/2016 and Isuzu D-MAX 06/2012+3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$309.00$299.003.2%
077SBSUM52S1TJM Underbody Sump GuardMitsubishi Pajero NP - NX vehicles3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$249.00$199.0020.1%
077SBSUM69A2TJM Underbody Sump GuardToyota Landcruiser 78 / 79 Series 1999 - 20073mm Steel P CoatDandenong$269.00$190.0029.4%
077SBTRA09O1TJM Underbody Transmission GuardNissan D22 Navara3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$310.00$150.0051.6%
077SBTRA10R1TJM Underbody Transmission GuardNissan Navara D40, all vehicles3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$310.00$190.0038.7%
077ASFUG14N1TJM Underbody Front Guard3mm Steel P CoatDandenong
077SBSUM10P2TJM Underbody Sump GuardNissan Navara D40 2.5/3.0TD 02/2010+, Navara NP300 04/2015+ and Mercedes X-Class vehicles.3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$330.00$299.009.4%
077SBTRA87Z1TJM Underbody Transmission GuardToyota Hilux 03/2005+, and Fortuner 09/2015+3mm Steel P CoatDandenong$259.00$220.0015.1%
Roller Ute Lids
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
127M1Roll N Lock Roller Ute LidFord Ranger PX, PX2, PX3 / Mazda BT50 2012+ Dual CabDandenong $2,195.00 $1,695.00 22.8%
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
011SAT0169K2TJM Airtec SnorkelToyota Landcruiser 76 / 78 / 79 V8 turbo diesel vehiclesDandenong$479.00$340.0029.0%
011SAT0210R2TJM Airtec SnorkelNissan Navara NP300 DX - RXDandenong$479.00$450.006.1%
011SAT0150Q1TJM Airtec SnorkelMitsubishi Triton MQDandenong$479.00$450.006.1%
011SAT0136Z1TJM Airtec SnorkelChrysler Jeep Wrangler JK petrol and dieselDandenong$479.00$340.0029.0%
011SAT0109K1TJM Airtec SnorkelDandenong$479.00$340.00
011SAT0287D2TJM Airtec SnorkelToyota Hilux 09/ 2015+Dandenong$479.00$450.006.1%
011SAT0287F1TJM Airtec SnorkelToyota Hilux 11/1997 - 03/2005 Petrol 4cyl and V6Dandenong$479.00$340.0029.0%
011SAT0109K1TJM Airtec SnorkelDandenong$479.00
011SAT0246M1TJM Airtec SnorkelDandenong$479.00
011SATD332P1TJM Airtec SnorkelHolden Rodeo 1997 & R9 03/2002+ 3.0 L turbo dieselDandenong$498.00$340.0031.7%
Insect Screens
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
MBT501Rollcraft Insect ScreenMazda BT-50 2006 -2011Dandenong$151.20$69.0054.4%
MBT50131Rollcraft Insect ScreenMazda BT-50 2013 - 2015Dandenong$180.00$89.0050.6%
MP031Rollcraft Insect ScreenMitsubishi Pajero NP 12/02 - 1/07Dandenong$181.25$49.0073.0%
MTHIL1Rollcraft Insect ScreenHilux 10/08 - 2011Dandenong$171.25$59.0065.5%
MMLN1Rollcraft Insect ScreenMitsubishi Triton ML MNDandenong$180.00$49.0072.8%
Fibreglass Flares
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleFront or RearLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
261DEXRE88I1TJM Fibreglass Flares - BlackToyota Prado 120 SeriesREARDandenong$565.00$270.0052.2%
261DEXRE87P1TJM Fibreglass Flares - BlackToyota Hilux dual cab 11/1997 - 02/2005REARDandenong$595.00$270.0054.6%
261DEXFR46M1TJM Fibreglass FlaresMazda B Series (Bravo) 2/1999 - 10/2002FRONTDandenong$340.00$190.0044.1%
Performance Chip, Exhaust & Throttle Controllers
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
HS8103LR1Torqit Aluminised Peformance ExhaustToyota Landcruiser 70 SeriesDandenong $1,360.00 $1,190.00 12.5%
Power, Dual, Battery & Solar
Part numberQuantityProductDescriptionWattsLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
SPM80K2Projecta Folding Solar Panel KitMonocrystalline Projecta 80 watt Solar Panel Blanket80Dandenong$699.00$550.0021.3%
SPM120K2Projecta Folding Solar Panel KitMonocrystalline Projecta 120 watt Solar Panel Blanket120Dandenong$999.00$650.0034.9%
SPM180K2Projecta Folding Solar Panel KitMonocrystalline Projecta 180 watt Solar Panel Blanket180Dandenong $1,195.00 $795.0033.5%
Canopy Roof Racks
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleRatingLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
RACK00202EGR Canopy Roof Rack KitHolden Colorado & Isuzu D-Max EGR Canopy150kgDandenong$795.00$650.0018.2%
RACK00062EGR Canopy Roof Rack KitMitsubishi MN Triton (2009-2014), Toyota Hilux 2015, PJ-PK Ranger & BT50, RC Colorado & D-Max150kgDandenong$795.00$650.0018.2%
RACK0070E1OE Toyota Canopy Roof Rack KitToyota Hilux Genuine Toyota Canopy150kgDandenong$795.00$650.0018.2%
5055002Milford Canopy Roof Rack KitUniversal Internal bar roof rack kit150kgDandenong$595.00$350.0041.2%
UNIKIT13XM Canopy Roof Rack KitUniversal Internal bar roof rack kit150kgDandenong$625.00$350.0044.0%
Tradesman Roof Racks
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
FTCL1Tradesman Steel Roof RackFord Transit 2014+ - Open Ended rackDandenong $1,235.00 $1,150.00 6.9%
OVNPGU1Tradesman Steel Roof RackNissan GU GQ Patrol - Closed Ended rackDandenong $1,176.00 $995.0015.4%
Rhino Roof Racks
Part numberQuantityProductVehicleLocationRRPClearanceDiscount %
DS1261Rhino Roof RackWith DK kit to suit D-max, Hilux or Colorado Dandenong$OfferTBA
SXBS141Rhino Roof Rack2012 KIA SORRENTODandenong$OfferTBA
RSS571Rhino Roof RackSPORTZ - AU - BA FALCON SDNDandenong$OfferTBA
RL280S31Rhino Roof RackSUZUKI Carry 2dr Van 07/90 to 04/99Dandenong$OfferTBA
RL1501Rhino Roof RackGUTTERMOUNT LEGS TJM CROWN CANOPY W/ 739A HALF and crossbarDandenong$OfferTBA
RLCP011Rhino Roof RackHONDA CRV 12/01 H/D LEGS (4PCS) Bundle with VA126 barsDandenong$OfferTBA
RL150VT1Rhino Roof RackLEG BRKT 150MM (PR) SUIT VT WGN FRONTDandenong$OfferTBA
RLCP03M1Rhino Roof RackPRADO 2003 - LEG KIT MIDDLE BARDandenong$OfferTBA
RLCP331Rhino Roof RackHONDA CRV 11/12- LEG SET (4PCS) Bundle with VA126 barsDandenong$OfferTBA
WR022Rhino Roof RackUSED WITH 560, 561 KAYAK CARRIER Dandenong$OfferTBA
RS174B1Rhino Roof RackTOYOTA Camry 4dr Sedan 07/06 to 11/11Dandenong$OfferTBA
RLCP131Rhino Roof RackJEEP COMMANDER LEG SET (4PCS) Bundle with VA126 barsDandenong$OfferTBA

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